Volcano Pacaya Hike Day Tour

Volcano Pacaya Hike Day Tour / Moderate Hike. The tour start from your hotel with 1.5 hour car ride to San Francisco de Sales the Volcano is located.

Once there we will start with our 1.45 minutes moderate hike up to the top of the volcano. While hiking we will enjoy the great views to other volcanoes, lake calderas and learning about wildlife of the volcano. Once in the top you will enjoy a really nice picnic lunch set it up by our guide. After lunch you will walk down to the hotspot of the volcano to roast some marshmallows then hike back to the entrance of the park and take the car ride back to Antigua Guatemala.

Known as one of the World best hike to do. A great hike for all famillies with kids since the hike level is moderate or you can also hire a horse.

You can also choose this tour as a sunset or sunrise tour.

  • Hike one of the active volcanoes of Guatemala
  • Roast marshmallows at the top of Volcano Pacaya
  • Known as one of the best hikes to do in the world, described by the National Geographic
  • The great views to the other volcanoes of Guatemala
  • Maybe see some lava / always depends of the volcanoe activity

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